How Does It Work?

The Process:  Psilocybin services consist of three parts: Preparation, The Psilocybin Session, and Integration. Preparation and Integration sessions can take place in a variety of locations including online remotely, in your own home, at your favorite place in nature, or in a healing sanctuary on my farm.

Preparation Session:  Preparation sessions consist of a private meeting where we will discuss your objectives and questions. I will provide suggestions on how to honor and access your feelings in a safe and comforting environment.  These sessions also consist of reviewing a medical questionnaire, discussing your intentions for the session, and creating a supportive setting including music, scents, sacred items, breathwork, touch, and whatever else is needed to allow for a relaxed session of healing. The goal is for you is to feel educated and at ease in preparation for the day of your psilocybin journey.   

Day of Psilocybin Journey: On the day of your psilocybin journey, we will meet at a licensed service center for your session.  Using the plan that you have created in the preparation session, we will craft your chosen environment so that you feel comfortable and at ease. An employee of the service center will dispense your psilocybin dose when you are ready, and I will be present with you the entire time to ensure your safety and comfort. We will touch base within 72 hours for follow-up questions or to conduct your integration session.

Integration Session:  Once you have allowed yourself to rest and begun to process your journey, you are offered an optional integration session to further discuss your experiences.  Using a gentle approach, integration includes offering both support and the space for you to interpret your experience with plant medicine. It provides the tools to determine the application to your daily life in a way that feels authentic. Psilocybin services often lead to a deeper understanding of oneself and life’s challenges through one’s own inner wisdom.